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~ M4M ~ Sensual/Erotic Massage by Guy

  • 5.00/5
Guycarolina Added by Guycarolina 3 weeks, 6 days ago in Philadelphia.
Category: Erotic Massage
I offer a Quality, Upscale, On-Table M4M Massage Experience for your Pleasure. Originally from North Carolina, I'm an easy going Southern guy you can relax and feel comfortable with. I am Dis...
~ M4M ~ Sensual/Erotic Massage by Guy


  • 0.00/5
Added by on 14/10/13 in Cleveland.
Category: Sensual Massage
Hello, Thanks for stopping in on your search for your male Masseur. I have 14 years experience in techniques that I studied in the Pacific Rim along with modalities learned in the West to give you ...




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