Gay Massage
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Price: Between 100 and 200 dollars
Category: Therapeutic Massage
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I'm a skilled and professional certified masseur trained at The San Francisco School of Massage and The World School of Massage and Holistic Arts. With over seven years of experience providing clients with a level of comfort that allows them to experience new levels of bliss.
My technique is a combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue,Vibrational Healing and Sports Massage.

Each session is intuitively designed to the individual client's needs. Of course, your preferences will always dictate the exact course of the session.
My goal is to nurture, strengthen and restore your sense of balance for your mind, body and well-being.

Looking forward to help you feel calm and balance in your body and mind.

Cash and All major Credit Cards

Address: 1200 Waller St., San Francisco, United states.

Phone: 415-728-2610


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