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Top 30 Best Gay Furry Comics Ever!

November 27, 2023

Fury Comics or Furry Manga, otherwise known as Yiff, is a genre of media that includes Furry characters.

Within this realm, gay furry comics have carved out a unique niche, deeply resonating with readers who yearn for representation, understanding, and a touch of romance. 

These stories delve beyond love; they navigate the intricate dynamics of relationships, societal expectations, and self-discovery, all amidst fantastical worlds and anthropomorphic characters. 

Whether you’re a devoted enthusiast or a curious newcomer, this curated list of the “Top 30 Best Gay Furry Comics Ever!” guarantees an immersive journey filled with emotion, intrigue, and the kind of romance that lingers long after the final page is turned. 

You can find and read many of these best gay furry comics on Webtoons or buy them on Amazon.

1. Associated Student Bodies

Associated Student Bodies, Gay Furry Comics

It is a coming-of-age story that delves deep into the life of a young lion discovering his sexuality and finding his place in the world. “Associated Student Bodies,” crafted by Lance Rund and Chris McKinley, is a seminal gay furry comic from the late 1990s. It details the life of Daniel, a lion embarking on his college journey.

Within the college scene, Daniel dives deep into self-discovery, confronting his sexual identity amidst a whirlwind of friendships, love, and the typical challenges of young adulthood. As he becomes involved with a student magazine group, “Associated Student Bodies,” he encounters a variety of characters, each shedding light on his own path.

The comic offers a genuine portrayal of a gay individual’s navigation through acceptance, love, and growth, enriched with humor and drama.

Romance: 5/5 · Plot: 4/5 · Visuals: 4/5 · Sex Appeal: 3/5

Available through Sofawolf Press

2. Starfighter

Starfighter comics

Crafted with impeccable artistry, the visuals of “Starfighter” are nothing short of breathtaking. Every frame pulses with energy, capturing the stark beauty of space juxtaposed against the sleek, high-tech design of spaceships and gear.

The stark contrast of the void of space against the intricately detailed ships and characters creates an aesthetic that draws readers into its world. It’s a realm where advanced machinery intersects with raw human emotion.

Romance: 5/5 · Plot: 5/5 · Visuals: 5/5 · Sex Appeal: 4/5

Available at Starfighter’s Official Site

3. Prince of Cats

Set against the vibrant backdrop of an urban landscape, “Prince of Cats” intricately weaves a tale of Lee, a young man grappling with the challenges of modern city life. As he navigates the complexities of friendships, societal expectations, and inner turmoil, Lee unexpectedly stumbles upon love.

The comic showcases the delicate balance of seeking oneself while simultaneously unraveling the mysteries of another’s heart.

With its beautifully rendered visuals that aptly capture both the gritty urban life and the tenderness of intimate moments, “Prince of Cats” becomes an emblematic journey of growth, love, and resilience. For those interested in delving into Lee’s world, it is typically found on platforms like FurAffinity.

Romance: 5/5 Plot: 4/5 Visuals: 4/5 Sex Appeal: 3/5

Typically found on platforms like FurAffinity

4. Heat


Diversity takes center stage in “Heat,” a meticulously curated anthology that brings together a tapestry of stories, each echoing sentiments of love, desire, and intimacy. Rather than confining itself to a singular narrative, “Heat” celebrates the multifaceted nature of relationships, from fleeting moments of passion to deep, soulful connections.

Every story, uniquely flavored and set against varying backdrops, contributes to a holistic understanding of love in its many forms. Enhanced by detailed artwork, the anthology does not shy away from presenting both the subtle and intense facets of romantic and physical connections.

Romance: 4/5 · Plot: 3/5 · Visuals: 4/5 · Sex Appeal: 5/5

Available through Sofawolf Press

5. Don’t Call Me Coach

Don't Call Me Coach

Garth Hood, equipped with a PhD in physics, diligently sent out applications to labs and universities across the nation for an extensive two-year period. However, in an unexpected twist, the only job offer he secured during this time landed him as a high school gym coach, with his physical prowess on the bench press trumping his educational qualifications. Fueled by frustration yet unwavering determination, Garth wholeheartedly immerses himself in his newfound role as a weight coach.

Within the realm of dumbbells and weights, Garth encounters an unexpected presence—Evan Silvers, a senior student characterized by his assertiveness, charm, and an uncanny ability to align with Garth’s personal preferences. In pursuit of safeguarding his professional future, Garth battles against his own desires.

However, as days turn into weeks, the mounting pressure from the school exacerbates Garth’s frustration. Will he manage to resist Evan’s persistent advances, uncover a path to bring about change, and ultimately break free from his constraints?

Romance: 4/5 · Plot: 4/5 · Visuals: 4/5 · Sex Appeal: 4/5

Available on platforms like Amazon

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6. Out of Position (Kyell Gold’s Stories)

Out of Position (Kyell Gold's Stories)

Venturing into the world of college sports, “Out of Position” introduces readers to Dev, a talented football player. While his athleticism shines on the field, off the field, Dev grapples with his burgeoning sexuality, resulting in a tumultuous journey of self-acceptance and love.

Coupled with the inherent pressures of sports, Dev’s internal conflicts lay the groundwork for a rich narrative of resilience and discovery. Through his narrative, Kyell Gold beautifully captures the essence of personal conflicts, societal expectations, and the redeeming power of love.

Romance: 5/5 · Plot: 5/5 · Visuals: 4/5 · Sex Appeal: 4/5

Available through Kyell Gold’s Official Site

7. Men+Monsters


Aero Zero’s “Men+Monsters” transports readers into a fantastical realm where the lines between man and monster blur. In a world filled with peril and enigma, relationships become the anchoring force, where passion, fear, trust, and desire converge.

Every page resonates with emotion, brilliantly conveyed through vivid visuals, as it explores the depths and complexities of unconventional relationships, challenging readers to question notions of love and acceptance.

Romance: 5/5 · Plot: 4/5 · Visuals: 5/5 · Sex Appeal: 4/5

Available at Aero Zero’s Official Site

8. Love Me Maybe

Love Me Maybe

Meet Kobi, an unassuming and unnoticeable scruffy-furred canine content with his inconspicuous existence. That is, until a tiny hiccup comes into play—a crush. But not just any crush, Kobi finds himself smitten with Snow, a tiger who also happens to be a fellow college student and possibly the most popular jock on campus.

While Kobi has resigned himself to the notion that he’ll forever remain distant from Snow, a foul-mouthed feline suddenly takes an interest in his predicament. In a twist of fate, this feline extends an incredible offer that could potentially alter Kobi’s destiny. Could Kobi dare to step out of the shadows cast by Snow and turn his dreams into reality?

However, an unexpected run-in with a wild dog named Yuugo throws a wrench into Kobi’s plans, setting the stage for a series of love-related misadventures that are just beginning to unfold.

Discover the enchanting journey of Kobi and his romantic escapades in “Love Me Maybe #1,” a heartwarming gay furry romance comic suitable for readers of all ages.

Romance: 4/5 · Plot: 5/5 · Visuals: 5/5 · Sex Appeal: 4/5

Check out on Amazon

9. Boys Only: Take Five

Boys Only: Take Five

The world can often feel unrelenting, but occasionally, a small respite is all it takes to find your balance again. In the fifth volume of the Boys Only series, this message is embraced wholeheartedly.

This anthology is brimming with delightful tales and moments, inviting you to pause and savor life’s pleasures. Relaxation is only meaningful when it’s paired with enjoyment, and the men featured in our latest installment are masters at making the most of their breaks.

Romance: 5/5 · Plot: 4/5 · Visuals: 4/5 · Sex Appeal: 4/5

Available at Amazon

10. Meatier Showers

Meatier Showers

Hidden away in an obscure corner of the city, a bathhouse caters to the desires of its nightly patrons with heated encounters and invigorating showers. Groover, the custodian responsible for maintaining the facility’s pristine condition and ensuring the guests’ satisfaction, observes a constant stream of gay couples coming and going. While many of these encounters are brief, they leave Groover yearning for a deeper connection, a partner who could fill the void in his heart.

One fateful evening, Groover encounters a captivating individual who piques his interest. But as he grapples with his own desires and emotions, he questions whether his feelings for this alluring figure are genuine or simply the result of fleeting passion. In a world where love can be as transient as an orgasm, Groover navigates his shyness and inner turmoil to explore the possibility of lasting love amidst the backdrop of Meatier Showers.

Romance: 4/5 · Plot: 4/5 · Visuals: 4/5 · Sex Appeal: 3/5

Check platforms like Amazon.

11. Little Buddy

Little Buddy

At the heart of “Little Buddy” lies a bond that goes beyond mere friendship. It beautifully depicts the journey of two friends whose relationship gradually evolves into something deeper.

As they tread the line between friendship and romance, the narrative delves into the turbulence of emotions, external opinions, and self-reflection. The visuals capture the delicate nuances of their relationship, from fleeting glances to tender moments, making it an engaging read.

Romance: 4/5 · Plot: 3/5 · Visuals: 4/5 · Sex Appeal: 3/5

Typically found on platforms like FurAffinity.

12. Chasing Colton’s Tail

Chasing Colton's Tail

Todd, an athletic raccoon, recently celebrated his eighteenth birthday in a memorable fashion. During the closing moments of a high school basketball game, Todd clinched victory with a remarkable three-point shot. In recognition of this achievement, his teammates decided to throw him an extraordinary party. Even Todd’s father made a special effort to attend, hoping to introduce his son to a potential girlfriend. However, Todd harbors a secret; he is gay, and the fox he has feelings for rejects his party invitation.

Colton, a notorious troublemaker at Sekada High, frequently finds himself suspended and in constant trouble with the authorities. Surprisingly, he is also on track to graduate with top honors. Despite his handsome appearance, Colton aspires to become a pilot, but his troublesome attitude threatens to jeopardize his dreams. Unless someone can help him address his issues.

Intrigued by the enigma of Colton’s behavior and unable to suppress his desire for him, Todd is determined to uncover Colton’s hidden virtues. However, he faces a formidable challenge. Colton guards his secrets fiercely, and his penchant for violent outbursts and winning physical altercations poses a significant hurdle. Can Todd assist Colton in finding a better path before he self-destructs and takes others down with him?

Romance: 4/5 · Plot: 4/5 · Visuals: 4/5 · Sex Appeal: 3/5

Available at Amazon.

13. Knotty Works

Knotty Works

‘Knotty Works’ presents a compilation of twelve captivating gay erotic stories authored by NightEyes DaySpring. These tantalizing tales span the spectrum from lighthearted and playful to deep and contemplative, offering a diverse array of perspectives within the realm of slice-of-life narratives.

Whether you find yourself in need of untying knots, working through personal challenges, or simply seeking an escape along the open road, ‘Knotty Works’ promises to provide relatable and enticing narratives. This collection is your passport to relaxation, tension relief, and unabated entertainment.

Romance: 5/5 · Plot: 4/5 · Visuals: 3/5 · Sex Appeal: 3/5

Available on platforms like FurPlanet.

14. Dog eat Dog

Dog eat Dog

Conroy, a hard-working coyote facing numerous challenges, is struggling to make ends meet. Despite being overburdened and undercompensated, he pursues a law degree, aspiring to uplift animals in his community who face similar adversities. His journey is further complicated by his relationship with a politically influential partner who opts to keep their bond hidden, highlighting the biases in the legal system.

During a routine shopping trip, Conroy faces an unjust accusation from a prejudiced security guard, a stern Doberman, who relentlessly pursues the claim against him, demonstrating the harsh realities he contends with in his daily life.

Romance: 4/5 · Plot: 5/5 · Visuals: 4/5 · Sex Appeal: 4/5

Likely on platforms like Amazon.

15. The Hunter and the Lamb

The Hunter and the Lamb

A promising youth stands poised to inherit the leadership of his tribe. However, his path takes an unexpected turn when he encounters a rugged, charismatic wanderer.

Captivated by this new acquaintance, he decides to abandon his predetermined future for a thrilling life of exploration. Yet, as he ventures beyond the confines of his village, he soon realizes that the outside world might hold challenges and dangers beyond his expectations.

Romance: 4/5 · Plot: 5/5 · Visuals: 5/5 · Sex Appeal: 4/5

Typically found on platforms like Amazon.

16. Housewarming


William, embarking on a fresh chapter after his military service, is attempting to move past the poignant memories of a profound yet prohibited romance he experienced in Iraq. As he settles in, he meets Carl, his newly single neighbor, who exudes charm and self-assurance. Carl, seemingly sharing William’s sense of solitude, shows a flirtatious interest. However, for William, releasing the grip of past possibilities proves to be more challenging than anticipated.

“Housewarming” by Mister Stallion is a touching tale of rediscovering love and allowing oneself to embrace new beginnings.

Romance: 5/5 · Plot: 4/5 · Visuals: 4/5 · Sex Appeal: 4/5

Available on FurPlanet.

17. Dude, Where’s My Fox?

Dude, Where's My Fox?

An intriguing fusion of humor and unexpected romance, “Dude, Where’s My Fox?” tells the story of two friends who, amidst whimsical adventures and misadventures, discover that there might be deeper feelings brewing between them. Through a series of comical situations, they learn that sometimes, the journey to finding oneself can also lead to finding love in the most unexpected places.

Romance: 3/5 · Plot: 4/5 · Visuals: 3/5 · Sex Appeal: 3/5
Check Zeta-Haru’s Patreon or FurAffinity.

18. Fur-omodachis


Fur-omodachis (working title haha) is a Furry AU offshoot of Bromodachis! The idea is similar: short stories about Sky and Keith’s strange connection, but instead of being an incubus and a human as in the main series, it’s Sky in his demon goat form and Keith as his doberman fursona.

Romance: 5/5 · Plot: 4/5 · Visuals: 4/5 · Sex Appeal: 4/5

Typically found on platforms like FurAffinity.

19. Pegasus


Pegasus is a common stallion who lives in the foothills of Olympus. His wild energy and untamed beauty capture the attention of the gods on the mountain above, and they devise a scheme to force Pegasus to accept their majesty by any means necessary – even if it involves beding half the pantheon!

Romance: 4/5 · Plot: 4/5 · Visuals: 3/5 · Sex Appeal: 3/5

Available on platforms like Amazon.

20. Circles


Paulie Mayhew, like the LGBT rights movement, was in his early twenties. From London to Boston, follow Paulie’s journey. Meet Colin, his first love. Discover his initial meetings with John and Arthur, and how they grew to be the friends they are today.

And, certainly, you will eventually understand how a clever person like Paulie became ill. Circles Issue 5: A Time of Innocence.Issue 6: People make errors, and they must accept responsibility for their actions. Doug has been learning this lesson, and his return to Kinsey Circle offers a discovery and a new twist to his relationship with Paulie.

Romance: 5/5 · Plot: 4/5 · Visuals: 4/5 · Sex Appeal: 4/5

Available on platforms like Amazon.

21. The Internship

The corporate maze is daunting, but for a young fur with aspirations, it’s a challenge he’s ready to tackle. As he navigates the hierarchies and office politics, he unexpectedly finds himself entangled in a romantic web with a fellow intern. The boardroom meetings soon become a backdrop for stolen glances and simmering passions.

Romance: 4/5 · Plot: 4/5 · Visuals: 4/5 · Sex Appeal: 4/5

Available on platforms like FurPlanet or the artist’s site.

22. My Mate Is a Feline Gentleman

My Mate Is a Feline Gentleman

Toushirou has never felt warmth or affection from the time he can remember. Born an omega in Japan, where they are considered inferior, he has grown accustomed to being a simple toy for his owners.

He assumes the worse when he is employed as a servant for the beast people diplomat Alex, but to his surprise, Alex is horrified by the persecution of omegas in Japan. Toushirou learns kindness for the first time from his feline master, and their attitudes toward each other gradually alter…

Romance: 5/5 · Plot: 4/5 · Visuals: 4/5 · Sex Appeal: 4/5

Likely on platforms like Amazon.

23. Tiger’s Den

Bathed in dim lights and echoing with soft jazz, “Tiger’s Den” is not just a club; it’s a microcosm of emotions, desires, and passionate entanglements. Here, every fur has a story, a secret, and a longing. As nights give way to dawn, relationships evolve, leading to compelling tales of love and intrigue.

Romance: 4/5 · Plot: 3/5 · Visuals: 4/5 · Sex Appeal: 5/5

Likely on platforms like FurAffinity or Patreon.

24. Dude, Where’s My Pack?

Dude, Where's My Pack?

Lonnie, who has fit into the Port City gay culture, wants to pay it forward, so when he notices Scot looking uneasy at a large party, he takes the white wolf under his wing.

Scot, who misses his family pack, wants to be more than friends too soon, and Lonnie will have to figure out how to let him down gently. But Scot asks a question to which Lonnie has no easy answer: where is his pack?

Romance: 4/5 · Plot: 5/5 · Visuals: 4/5 · Sex Appeal: 3/5

Check on Amazon

25. Blackgate

Set against a backdrop that blends danger with romance, “Blackgate” is a captivating narrative. Each corner of this universe hides a secret, each shadow a story. As characters untangle the web of mysteries, they also grapple with burgeoning passions, making choices that could change their fates forever. Mysteries intertwine with romance as characters navigate a realm filled with danger and passion.

Romance: 4/5 · Plot: 5/5 · Visuals: 5/5 · Sex Appeal: 5/5

Mazjojo’s works are often on Patreon and dedicated BL platforms.

26. Island

In a setting where the murmurs of the ocean are constant, individuals stranded on a secluded island are compelled to confront their innermost fears and desires. Through trials and tribulations, their bonds strengthen, revealing a romance as wild and unpredictable as the sea itself. Stranded on a mysterious island, characters discover more about themselves and the unexpected feelings they develop for one another.

Romance: 5/5 · Plot: 4/5 · Visuals: 4/5 · Sex Appeal: 4/5

Typically on platforms like FurAffinity or other furry art platforms.

27. Clover Arizona’s Stories

Journey with Clover Arizona as the landscapes of romance unfold in multiple vignettes. Each story paints a unique facet of love, from the exhilarating highs to the soul-crushing lows, capturing the essence of human connection and vulnerability. Through a series of tales, delve into the romantic life of Clover Arizona, full of passion, challenges, and growth.

Romance: 4/5 · Plot: 4/5 · Visuals: 3/5 · Sex Appeal: 4/5

Likely on platforms like FurAffinity or the artist’s personal site.

28. In Our Shadow

In Our Shadow

In a world where society’s expectations can be stifling, “In Our Shadow” shines a light on the silent battles characters wage within. As they confront their pasts, they also unearth hidden emotions, leading to love stories as poignant as they are powerful.Characters grapple with the challenges posed by society, hidden feelings, and the shadows of their past as they find love in unexpected places.

Romance: 5/5 · Plot: 4/5 · Visuals: 5/5 · Sex Appeal: 3/5

Likely found on platforms like FurAffinity.

29. The Prince’s Pawn

In a court filled with intrigue, a pawn and a prince find their destinies intertwined in a dance of love and power plays. Amidst the opulent halls of a royal court, politics and romance are intertwined. Here, a pawn isn’t merely a game piece but a player in a grander game, where emotions and strategies clash. As the prince and the pawn navigate their roles, a tale of love, betrayal, and ambition unfolds.

Romance: 5/5 · Plot: 5/5 · Visuals: 4/5 · Sex Appeal: 4/5

Check on FurAffinity or related furry platforms.

30. Beyond the Western Deep

Beyond the Western Deep

An epic that transcends genres, “Beyond the Western Deep” is as much a tale of battle-hardened loyalties as it is about tender relationships. In a world teetering on the brink of war, relationships are tested and bonds are forged, reminding readers that amidst chaos, there can still be moments of love and tenderness.

Romance: 3/5 · Plot: 5/5 · Visuals: 5/5 · Sex Appeal: 3/5

Beyond the Western Deep’s Official Site

What is Gay Furry Comics?

Comics have a long history of connecting diverse audiences and reflecting society’s inclusivity. In recent years, there has been a rise in the popularity of gay furry comics.

These unique stories feature anthropomorphic animal characters navigating same-sex relationships, offering narratives that challenge societal norms. Discover the unconventional genre that resonates deeply with many and explore the world of gay furry comics.

Understanding Gay Furry Comics

These comics, a subset of the furry universe, focus on anthropomorphic characters experiencing gay relationships.

These entities range from familiar animals to fantastical beings but consistently depict relationships reflecting the real-world spectrum.

Differentiating Gay Furry Art and Comics

Gay furry art is a captivating form of artistic expression that beautifully captures moments in standalone illustrations. With intricate details and vibrant colors, these artworks bring to life the diverse and enchanting world of anthropomorphic characters.

On the other hand, gay furry comics take storytelling to a whole new level by weaving intricate narratives through structured panels. From heartwarming tales of love and friendship to thrilling adventures filled with suspense, these comics offer a unique and immersive experience for fans of the furry community.

Gay Furry Manga vs. Comics

Gay furry manga embraces Japanese comic traditions, placing emphasis on character development and intricate visuals, often featuring exaggerated attributes. In contrast, gay furry comics rooted in the Western tradition prioritize straightforward storytelling, accompanied by a potentially simplified aesthetic.

Gay Furry Comics as an Expression Medium

These unique comics blur the boundaries between humans and animals, reshaping ideas of love and acceptance. They provide a creative space for artists to challenge societal norms and showcase narratives that celebrate diverse expressions of affection. Discover captivating stories that embrace various forms of love and acceptance.

Representation in Comics

Gay furry comics provide inclusive spaces for LGBTQ+ and furry communities to connect, find acceptance, and celebrate diversity. Through diverse narratives, these comics challenge biases and highlight the significance of individual stories. Join us as we explore the vibrant world of LGBTQ+ and furry representation in these captivating comics.

The Bottom Line

Gay furry comics are beautiful celebrations of love, identity, and acceptance. With vibrant illustrations and captivating stories, they bring readers together to appreciate diversity. These comics entertain and resonate deeply, reflecting universal human sentiments of compassion, courage, and resilience.

Explore this enchanting world and discover heartwarming stories where love knows no bounds and acceptance has no limits. Immerse yourself in a rich tapestry of emotions and experiences, and let your imagination soar.