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Gay Massage In Copenhagen, DK

Copenhagen, DK

If you are a Masseur and want to get listed in Copenhagen, you can sign up to offer men-for-men massage.

In Copenhagen, at the heart of Denmark, where history’s charm blends smoothly with today’s vibe, embark on a journey of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Copenhagen is famous for its amazing architecture, diverse food choices, and vibrant cultural scene, showcasing Scandinavian elegance and progressiveness.

Gay Massage In Copenhagen

In the spirit of inclusivity in Copenhagen, you’ll find a bunch of awesome gay massage services that cater to everyone, whether you’re a local or just visiting. The professional therapist offers a mix of massage styles, from the chill vibes of Swedish massage to the deep relief of deep tissue techniques.

Get all the details about masseurs, locations, and tips to level up your massage game on our Gay Massage platform, your go-to for top-notch massages in Copenhagen.

Best Gay Massage In Copenhagen


Best Gay Massage In Copenhagen, MassageArt

Schedule a massage with MassageArt in Christianshavn for various needs – whether it’s pain in your neck, shoulders, arms, lower back, or legs.

Massage can also be a solution for headaches, stress-related discomfort, and issues from prolonged computer use. If you’re experiencing fatigue or soreness after intense training or sports, a massage can help.

It’s beneficial for arm or knee pain and recovering from sports injuries. And if you’re simply looking to unwind and treat yourself, MassageArt offers the perfect opportunity for relaxation and self-care. Remember, massage is an excellent way to nurture your body and well-being.

Areas of ExpertiseSports Massage, Shiatsu, Face and Head Massage and Body Therapy
Exclusive Gay MassageNo
Experience10 years
Rates for 1 HourDKK 700
In Call/Out CallIn Call
Hours8 am-10 pm – also on weekend
AddressSankt Annæ Gade 35, 3 mf 1416 Copenhagen (Christianshavn)
Contact Tel:+45 24 43 93 00

The Massage Lab

The Massage Lab in Copenhagen

The Massage Lab – Copenhagen’s Premier Male-Only Massage Therapy Service.

Areas of ExpertiseSports massage and Wellness massage
Exclusive Gay MassageYes
ExperienceNot Indicated
Rates for 1 HourDKK 800
In Call/Out CallIn Call
HoursOnly open on Saturday and Sunday
AddressFrederiksborggade 3, 2nd floor 1360 Copenhagen K (enter @ Klinik Søgaard)
Contact Tel:Not Indicated (Book Online)

Ezanza Massage

Ezanza Massage

Enhance your daily life with professional massages at Ezanza Massage Copenhagen K. Established in 2006, our eco-friendly clinic provides various massages aimed at improving your physical and sensory health.

Our skilled masseurs specialize in various treatments, including targeted physical massages, intense sports massages, and gentler options like facial, headache, pregnancy, and wellness massages. Schedule your appointment with us today and feel the difference!

Areas of ExpertiseDeep Tissue massage, Sports massage, Foot massage, and Head Massage
Exclusive Gay MassageNo
Rates for 1 HourDKK 685
In Call/Out CallIn Call
HoursAll days at 10:30 am – 5:00 pm
AddressNørregade 22, 1.sal 1165 København K
Contact Tel:30 50 80 80

Bodyrub by Lars

Bodyrub by Lars

I am a medically trained physiotherapist, who graduated from Sund Massørskole in Odense in 2010. Since then, I’ve expanded my skills with wellness massage, facial massage, and muscle energy technique (MET) courses.

Previously, I operated clinics in Odense and Copenhagen, and currently, I offer mobile massage services in Amager.

To schedule an appointment, feel free to contact me via phone, text, or email. For your convenience, you can also use our online booking system to find a time that suits you best.

Areas of ExpertisePhysiological massage and Wellness massage
Exclusive Gay MassageNo
Rates for 1 HourDKK 500
In Call/Out CallOut Call
HoursEvening & weekend by appointment
Address2300 København S
Contact Tel:44 18 16 61

BB Massage

BB Massage

At BB Massage in Copenhagen, we prioritize providing massage services tailored to your preferences and needs. Our professional masseuses focus not only on your physical requirements but also on your convenience.

We offer home massage services if you’re located in Copenhagen or nearby areas, ensuring you can enjoy a massage at your preferred time and place.

Areas of ExpertiseCouples massage, Sports massage, Wellness massage, and Stretching massage
Exclusive Gay MassageNo
ExperienceNot Indicated
Rates for 1 HourNot Indicated
In Call/Out CallIn Call/Out Call
HoursBy appointment
AddressBartholinsgade 15 DK-1356 Copenhagen K
Contact Tel:26 53 09 56

Types Of Massage In Copenhagen

Sports Massage

This massage is specifically designed for athletes and those with active lifestyles. It focuses on muscles stressed by overuse and repetitive motion, aiding in recovery and improving flexibility. Ideal for injury prevention, it helps to enhance athletic performance and alleviate muscle soreness after intense physical activity.

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu, a traditional Japanese therapy, involves applying pressure along the body’s meridians or energy pathways. Using fingers, thumbs, and palms, it aims to rebalance the body’s energy, reduce stress, and promote relaxation. Shiatsu is also known for its ability to alleviate various physical ailments, improve circulation, and enhance overall well-being.

Face and Head Massage

This gentle massage targets the facial and cranial regions, providing relief from headaches and reducing tension. It’s beneficial for alleviating stress, promoting relaxation, and even improving skin tone and circulation in the facial area. This type of massage can also have a calming effect on the mind.

Body Therapy

Body therapy is a comprehensive approach that considers the entire body, including physical and emotional aspects. It combines various massage techniques to relieve tension, reduce stress, and promote overall well-being. This therapy is particularly beneficial for those seeking holistic care and a rejuvenating experience.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. It’s particularly effective for chronic muscle tension, pain relief, and recovery from injuries. The massage involves slow strokes and deep pressure to target inner layers of muscles, helping to break up scar tissue and reduce tension in muscle fibers.

Foot Massage

This massage concentrates on the feet and may include techniques from reflexology. It’s designed to promote relaxation and improve circulation in the feet and lower legs. Foot massage can also have reflex benefits to other parts of the body and is particularly soothing for those who spend long hours standing.

Head Massage

Focusing on the scalp, neck, and shoulders, head massage is a great way to relieve tension headaches, improve circulation, and promote relaxation. It can also help alleviate stress and may aid in improving sleep quality. This massage is often appreciated for its immediate calming effects.

Physiological Massage

Aimed at addressing specific physical conditions, physiological massage involves therapeutic techniques to improve body function. It can help with a range of issues, from muscle injuries to posture problems. This massage is often part of a broader physical therapy regimen.

Wellness Massage

Wellness massage is a holistic treatment designed to promote overall health and relaxation. It incorporates various techniques to relieve stress, improve circulation, and enhance mental clarity. This massage is ideal for those looking to unwind and maintain a balanced state of well-being.

Couples Massage

Couples massage is a shared experience where two people receive massages at the same time, in the same space, often by two different therapists. It’s a way to enjoy relaxation and rejuvenation together, making it a popular choice for couples seeking a joint wellness experience.

Stretching Massage

This unique massage combines traditional massage techniques with active and passive stretching. It’s designed to improve flexibility, enhance muscle function, and relieve tension. Stretching massage is particularly beneficial for athletes or those with active lifestyles, helping to prevent injuries and improve performance.


Can I provide specific health concerns before my session?

Absolutely, we encourage clients to discuss any health concerns or preferences with their masseur before the session.

What massage services are offered for the gay community in Copenhagen?

We offer a variety of massages including sports, deep tissue, Swedish, shiatsu, and wellness massages.

Is there a preferred payment method?

They accept various payment methods including cash, credit/debit cards, and sometimes online payments. Please check with us for the most convenient option for you.

What is the duration of a typical massage session?

Typical massage sessions vary in length. We offer sessions ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the type of massage and the client’s preference.

What should I do if I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment?

Please inform us as soon as possible if you need to cancel or reschedule. We typically require notice at least 24 hours in advance to avoid cancellation fees.

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