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Gay Massage in Manchester UK

Manchester UK

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Manchester City in the United Kingdom is known for a good deal of things. They are famous worldwide for being the first industrialised city globally, as well as their stunning architecture, art, sports club, and even contributions to the world of science.

One of the most overlooked beauties of Manchester is its thriving and vibrant gay scene.

In the bustling streets of Manchester, you will see gay saunas and clubs from left to right. It is something you would not want to miss when traveling to the city!

It is the best place for you to relax your body, meet other gay men, and party like you have never partied before.

History of Gay Massage in Manchester

In the 1960s, Manchester City conceived one of the most impactful campaigns in the history of the LGBT movement – the Campaign for Homosexual Equality (CHE).

It is a democratic, voluntary organisation established in 1964 that played a fundamental role in campaigns leading up to decriminalising male homosexual activities.

Through the years of campaigning, it widened its network and upscaled its activities, and was renamed the Committee for Homosexual Equality.

More than 60 years after its founding, LGBT people in the UK have reaped the fruits of the founding members’ efforts. Manchester UK is now the wildest dream of the early campaigners.

It is the UK’s largest home for members of the LGBT community. It is home to many quintessential LGBT figures internationally, such as Quentin Crops and Alan Turing, who have made great strides in British society and culture.

The city people take pride in their LGBT culture, as evidenced by their various pride events, including Pride, Queer up North, and Get Bent and Sparkle.

If you are lucky enough to find yourself in the city in the month of February, you can witness their LGBT History Month, where people all around the globe take part in their series of city-wide events that showcase its rich LGBT heritage and culture.

Best Gay Massage in Manchester


the facilities at Basement Manchester

Basement is the only gay sauna in Manchester with over 20 years of experience. It prides itself on its five-star facilities and services, which you can avail yourself of for a very reasonable price!

It is located in a basement of an old Victorian mill basement in Ancoats, Manchester. 

In Basement, the adage “Don’t judge the book by its cover” is very accurate. On the outside, the old Victorian mill looks like a mundane building, but inside it is a modern yet colourful interior.

It prides itself on its clean and cozy locker room, three spa rooms, dry sauna room, steam room, shower room, boilers, lounge rooms, back area, back lounge/massage room, and a bar.

If you are wondering if they have private cabins, they have spacious and multiple private cabins!

Their masseurs will level up your experience with their talent, professionalism, and out-of-this-world service. You can always grab a glass of alcohol in their licensed bar which will surely spice up your stay.

One pro tip to remember is that you can enter on your birthday free of charge! Just bring any ID that can prove your age and date of birth.

Contact: 0161 236 9664


Heat Sauna

the facilities at Heat Sauna

If you are a fan of gay saunas, make sure to add Heat Sauna to your list. It is a sauna for gay, bisexual, and curious men.

After getting a massage from one of their masseurs, you can hang out and socialise in their 24/7 licensed bar! 

Since they do not have strict COVID-19 restrictions, just make sure to take a voluntary lateral flow test (free of charge) if you are unvaccinated.

Contact: 01614747432


Pennine Sauna

outside Pennine Sauna

Pennine Sauna is a well-known Sauna in the city with regular gay customers all around the block. It does not only offer massage services, but it also houses various facilities such as sauna boxes, steam cabins, and dark rooms.

The gay scene in Pennine Sauna is often chatty and active, especially in the afternoons. So if you are not a fan of crowded places then make sure to visit some other time.

If you are looking to socialise with other like-minded gay men then definitely come by during their peak hours! It is open every day except for Tuesdays.

Contact: 1706842000

Gay Massage Manchester

man prepared on table for a massage

If you are looking for a special service with a gay massage, try out Gay Massage Manchester’s professional masseurs.

James is an expert massage therapist who offers of quality and discreet gal male massage services. He specialises in sensual naturist massage and even full-body scrubs.

While they may not have huge massage parlours or sauna, his studio is still situated in a great and easy-to-spot location.

James will give you the friendliest welcome to his lovely and clean flat. His amazing massage, blissful technique, and good luck are highly appraised online.

Contact: 7904665185

Adonis Gay Massage

the face of Adonis Massage Studio

Adonis Gay Massage makes looking for the best gay massage faster and more accessible. They have a vast list of gay male-to-male masseurs who promise to deliver one of the best and friendliest gay massages Manchester offers!

All of their masseurs work self-employed, so give them a heads up if you want some four-hands massage experience.

Their long list of masseurs has their own expertise, so you will indeed find the best one for you. The type of massage is not the only diverse thing in Adonis, but the looks of their masseurs are also something to look for.

If your ideal adonis is a muscular boy-next-door type, or if you prefer a lean and rugged look, Adonis promises to deliver the masseur you have always dreamt of.

If you are worried about your privacy and being seen outdoors, they also have a comfortable studio where you can get your massage!

Contact: 07878963306


Types of Massage in Manchester

  1. Thai Massage – If you are a fan of Thai massage, then the city will be heaven for you. Both varieties of Thai massage, Southern and Northern types, are offered by different gay massage places. Southern-style Thai massage is unique with its more aggressive techniques where the masseur will directly pounce on your pain points.

    In contrast, Northern-style Thai massage is closer to traditional Thai massage, where the masseur uses smooth and gradual strokes. 

  2. Deep tissue massage – Most massage parlours and saunas offer the classic deep tissue massage. This might be the cure if you are feeling slight aches and pains! During deep tissue massage, the masseur will break up scar tissues and muscles known to improve circulation and heal pain and inflammation.

    While you may feel discomfort during the process, most people describe this as “good pain” since it hurts but feels good simultaneously.


How old do I have to be to get a gay massage in Manchester?

There is no hard rule on the age restriction in Manchester, but most gay massage parlours only accept men 18 years old and up. Do not forget to call the parlour in advance to inquire about their guidelines.

Do I have to leave my house to get a gay massage?

Gay massages are very accessible and affordable in the city! You can search the world wide web and look for the best masseurs near you.

Should I feel safe getting a gay massage in Manchester?

Most gay parlours strictly follow COVID protocols to ensure everyone’s safety. Some only accept vaccinated guests to ensure everyone’s security, so do not forget to bring your proof of vaccination.

What is the easiest way to find a gay massage in Manchester?

If you are in your favourite gay bar, you can always ask Manchester residents for their recommendations. But the easiest way to look for one is to simply go to the internet and search for masseurs or parlours.