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20 Wedding Best Ideas for Gay and Lesbian

November 23, 2023

Weddings are a celebration of love, and for gay and lesbian couples, they present an opportunity to honor their unique identities and shared experiences within the LGBTQ+ community.

This guide offers 20 innovative and inclusive wedding ideas tailored for gay and lesbian couples, designed to add a personal touch to their special day while also paying homage to the LGBTQ+ community. From invitations that radiate the spirit of Pride to gender-inclusive wedding parties, each idea is crafted to reflect the diversity and vibrancy of LGBTQ+ love.

gays wedding

Inclusive ceremony readings and musical tributes celebrate the history and triumphs of LGBTQ+ relationships. The guide suggests creative twists like a two-aisle ceremony to symbolize equality and the involvement of community members to add authenticity and joy.

It’s also important that you find that perfect romantic location for the wedding and you find the same when it comes to the honeymoon.

Basically, the goal of these ideas is to encourage gay and lesbian couples to plan a wedding that recognizes the diverse LGBTQ+ community while also celebrating their love, making the day memorable and meaningful.

1. Invitations in the spirit of Pride

Start your journey with invitations that sparkle with Pride colors. Consider luxurious paper embossed with rainbow accents or bold, graphic designs that tell a story of equality and love.

LGBT wedding invitation

Personalize them with quotes from LGBTQ+ literature or your shared experiences, setting the tone for a celebration that’s as vibrant and diverse as the community itself.

Emphasize the uniqueness of your union with custom, handcrafted invitations. Collaborate with a skilled artisan or designer who understands and appreciates the significance of Pride and can translate that into stunning visual designs. Opt for handmade paper, intricate embossing, or unique textures that add a tactile richness to your invitations.

2. A gender-inclusive wedding party

Celebrate every individual’s identity by redefining traditional roles. Use terms like “wedding attendants” or “honored guests,” and encourage them to choose attire that reflects their personal style.

Lesbian wedding

This approach honors the spectrum of gender identities and expressions among your loved ones, making everyone feel included and respected.

3. Inclusive ceremony readings

It is a cornerstone of creating a wedding ceremony that resonates deeply with gay and lesbian couples, celebrating not only their union but also the broader LGBTQ+ experience. The choice of readings can set a profoundly personal and inclusive tone for the event.

wedding ceremony

Incorporate works from contemporary LGBTQ+ authors, poets, and activists. These voices bring a modern perspective, capturing the nuances of queer love, identity, and experience in today’s world. Look for texts that reflect the joys, challenges, and triumphs of being LGBTQ+ in contemporary society. This could include powerful spoken word pieces, excerpts from groundbreaking novels, or poignant essays.

By thoughtfully selecting inclusive ceremony readings that span contemporary queer literature and reimagined classics, and by focusing on themes like resilience, love against odds, and the universal quest for acceptance, you create a ceremony that not only celebrates your love but also resonates with the broader experiences and struggles of the LGBTQ+ community.

These readings become more than words; they are powerful expressions of identity, love, and the enduring spirit of the community.

4. Honoring LGBTQ+ history

Honoring LGBTQ+ history

Celebrate the rich tapestry of LGBTQ+ history during your wedding. Consider incorporating a slideshow of significant moments, featuring quotes from notable LGBTQ+ activists in your programs, or paying tribute to influential figures who have paved the way for the community.

5. Musical tributes to the LGBTQ+ community

When creating a musical tribute for your wedding, consider crafting a soundtrack that not only entertains but also celebrates the rich legacy and vibrant diversity of LGBTQ+ artists and anthems.

Start by embracing a wide range of genres, from pop to folk, showcasing the varied musical talents within the LGBTQ+ community.

two couple having dance

Pay homage to iconic figures like Freddie Mercury, Elton John, and George Michael, whose timeless hits have become anthems of progress and representation. Equally important is to highlight contemporary voices such as Sam Smith, Lady Gaga, and Troye Sivan, whose music speaks to the modern LGBTQ+ experience.

Focus on selecting songs with empowering and inclusive lyrics, reinforcing themes of love, acceptance, and pride. Also, incorporates unique collaborations or covers by LGBTQ+ artists, offering a fresh take on familiar tunes.

6. Two aisles ceremony

The concept of a two-angle ceremony offers a beautifully symbolic and visually impactful way to represent the equality at the heart of your union. In this innovative arrangement, both partners walk down separate, yet parallel aisles at the same time, a striking departure from traditional aisle walks.

two woman walking in the aisles

This approach not only challenges the conventional norms associated with weddings but also powerfully symbolizes mutual respect, equality, and balance in your relationship. As each partner makes their way towards the shared altar, it visually represents the individual journeys coming together in a mutual commitment.

This setup allows for a unique and personal expression of love, where both partners are equally highlighted and celebrated. It can be particularly poignant for LGBTQ+ couples, as it stands as a testament to the journey towards equality and recognition.

7. Community involvement

Incorporating community involvement in your wedding adds a layer of depth and connection to your celebration, making it not just a personal milestone but a communal event. By inviting local LGBTQ+ artists and groups to participate, you not only enhance the vibrancy and uniqueness of your wedding but also pay homage to the rich culture of the LGBTQ+ community.

Community involvement

Imagine the electric atmosphere created by spirited drag performances, adding a splash of color, humor, and glamour to your day. Picture the harmonious melodies of an LGBTQ+ choir, their voices elevating the emotional depth and unity of the ceremony.

Dynamic dance troupes can bring energy and movement to your celebration, reflecting the joy and diversity of the community. This involvement goes beyond entertainment; it’s a celebration of LGBTQ+ artistry and expression. It also serves as a supportive gesture, showcasing and promoting local talents within the community.

8. Unified color palette

Choosing a unified color palette for your wedding is an artistic way to blend and showcase the individual tastes and personalities of both partners, creating a visual harmony that enhances the overall aesthetic of the ceremony.

Unified color palette

This thoughtful approach to color selection allows you to weave together your preferred hues, whether they are bold and vibrant, soft and pastel, or a combination of both, in a way that beautifully represents the unique blend of your relationship.

A well-chosen palette sets the tone and mood for the event, from the invitations and decorations to the attire and floral arrangements. It can be a reflection of your shared story or symbolize something significant in your relationship, like the colors of the sunset on the day you met or the hues of your favorite shared place.

The unified palette also ensures a cohesive look in your wedding photographs, making them visually stunning and timeless. When selecting your colors, consider the season, venue, and theme of the wedding, ensuring that the palette complements these elements.

9. Allies’ Corner

Establishing an “Allies’ Corner” at your wedding is a heartfelt way to acknowledge and honor the allies of the LGBTQ+ community who have played a crucial role in your journey. This dedicated space or table serves as a tangible expression of gratitude for the unwavering support, love, and acceptance these individuals have provided.

It’s a recognition of the fact that while your journey as a couple is deeply personal, it has also been shaped and enriched by the support of friends, family, and community members who have stood by you. You could personalize this space with photographs, notes, or memorabilia that tell the story of their support.

Consider displaying quotes or messages that reflect the importance of allyship, or perhaps include interactive elements where guests can share their own stories or messages of support. This corner can also serve as an educational space, providing information about the significance of allyship in the LGBTQ+ community, and how others can become more supportive and inclusive in their actions.

10. Inclusive Officiants

Opting for an inclusive officiant to preside over your wedding vows and ceremony is a powerful way to ensure that the essence of your shared values and identities is beautifully reflected and celebrated.

wedding cake

Choosing someone who either identifies with the LGBTQ+ community or is a recognized ally brings an added layer of understanding and empathy to your ceremony. Such an officiant can deeply resonate with your experiences and the significance of your union, often able to articulate and honor the nuances of a same-sex or queer relationship in a way that feels authentic and heartfelt.

Their familiarity with the journey and struggles of the LGBTQ+ community can allow them to craft a ceremony that is not only inclusive but also deeply meaningful, acknowledging the societal milestones that have made your union possible.

This choice also symbolizes a broader commitment to inclusivity and representation, showcasing the importance of having LGBTQ+ voices and allies in significant roles.

11. Personalized Pride Favors

Personalized Pride favors are a fantastic way to express gratitude to your guests while celebrating the essence of your union and the LGBTQ+ community. Beyond the vibrant rainbow pins, decorative stickers, and mini Pride flags, consider a variety of creative and meaningful favors.

Personalized Pride Favors

For instance, custom-made keychains featuring rainbow motifs or LGBTQ+ symbols, or even handcrafted items like soaps or candles in the colors of the Pride flag. These items not only serve as a memento of your special day but also as a symbol of love and inclusivity.

To add an interactive element, you might set up a station where guests can create their own Pride-themed crafts or accessories.

This could include decorating their own tote bags with fabric paints and Pride-themed stencils or assembling bead bracelets with colors representing different gender and sexual identities.

12. LGBTQ+ Jewelry

Incorporating LGBTQ+ jewelry into your wedding attire is a beautiful and meaningful way to celebrate your identity and the significance of the occasion.


Consider rainbow-hued rings that not only symbolize your commitment but also represent the diversity and inclusivity of the LGBTQ+ community.

These rings can be custom-designed to include various gemstones that reflect the colors of the Pride flag, or they can be more subtly accented with small, colored stones set into the band. Necklaces and Bracelets, Beyond rings, explore the option of symbolic necklaces or bespoke bracelets.

Necklaces could feature pendants with significant symbols, such as the equality sign, a rainbow, or even a custom design that holds personal meaning to you and your partner.

13. Pride-themed Photo Booth

for photo booth

Create a fun and interactive experience for your guests by setting up a photo booth with LGBTQ+ props like rainbow boas, pride-centric signs, and more. It’s a great way for guests to showcase their support and create lasting memories.

14. Charitable Registry

Instead of traditional gifts, provide your guests with the option to make heartfelt contributions to esteemed LGBTQ+ charities. This transforms your celebration into a meaningful act of goodwill, supporting important causes within the community.

15. Unity Ritual

A unity ritual is a poignant and visually symbolic part of your wedding ceremony, representing the coming together of your separate lives into a unified partnership.

Wedding Ritual

Beyond the traditional lighting of a shared candle or blending of differently colored sands, there are numerous other rituals that can beautifully symbolize this union. For example, planting a tree together can signify the growth and deepening of your relationship over time. Alternatively, creating a time capsule filled with love letters, memories, or significant items, to be opened on a future anniversary can represent the enduring nature of your love.

16. Pride Parade Exit

Concluding your wedding ceremony with a mini Pride Parade is a vibrant and joyous way to celebrate your union, capturing the essence of LGBTQ+ pride and community spirit. Imagine the scene as you and your guests, equipped with rainbow flags and biodegradable confetti, create a colorful, festive procession, reminiscent of the exuberance found in traditional Pride parades.

 Pride Parade Exit

Enhance this lively atmosphere with a selection of uplifting music, featuring iconic LGBTQ+ anthems and personal favorites, encouraging everyone to dance and revel in the moment. You can further personalize this parade with unique touches that reflect your shared interests and story, such as thematic decorations or special props, adding an extra layer of meaning and fun.

17. LGBTQ+ Film or Literature References

Incorporating references from your favorite LGBTQ+ films or literature into your wedding ceremony and reception adds a deeply personal and culturally rich layer to your celebration.

Imagine table settings named after iconic LGBTQ+ characters or locations from beloved books and movies, or quotes from these works beautifully integrated into your decor or wedding vows. These references can spark conversations among guests, bringing them closer to your shared interests and story.

They also serve as a nod to the cultural works that have influenced your lives and the broader LGBTQ+ community. Utilizing these elements not only personalizes your wedding but also pays homage to the artists and storytellers who have shaped LGBTQ+ narratives in media and literature.

18. Rainbow Confetti

Exiting your ceremony under a shower of rainbow confetti is a vibrant and visually stunning way to conclude the proceedings. This cascade of color not only symbolizes the joy and diversity inherent in LGBTQ+ pride but also adds a playful and celebratory feel to your special moment.

 Rainbow Confetti

Choosing eco-friendly options like biodegradable confetti or colorful natural petals shows you care about sustainability while keeping the festive vibe alive. This fun exit sums up your celebration with a splash of color and happiness, making a lasting memory for you and your guests.

19. Testimonials

Featuring heartfelt testimonials from close friends and family during your wedding adds an emotional and intimate dimension to your celebration.

Wedding Testimonials

These personal stories of acceptance, love, and unwavering support not only honor the journey you and your partner have embarked upon but also highlight the vital role of your loved ones in your lives. These narratives can be shared through speeches, video presentations, or written anecdotes displayed around the venue. They serve as powerful reminders of the community and bonds that have supported and shaped your relationship, deepening the meaning of your special day.

20. Queer Artwork

Adorning your venue with queer art, or commissioning LGBTQ+ artists to create bespoke pieces for your wedding, is a beautiful way to celebrate the creativity and essence of the LGBTQ+ community.

couple having artwork

This approach not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your setting but also supports and showcases the talents within the queer artistic community. The artwork can range from vibrant paintings and sculptures to intricate installations, each piece telling a story or conveying a message aligned with the themes of love, diversity, and pride. This inclusion of queer art adds depth and cultural significance to your celebration, creating a visually and emotionally enriching environment that honors the rich tapestry of LGBTQ+ experiences and expressions.